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UV Varnish 20KG White Iron Bucket

This product is an ultraviolet light-sensitive resin mainly composed of epoxy resin, which will cure to a stable state after being irradiated by ultraviolet light (uv)...

one. product description:


  This product is an ultraviolet light-sensitive resin mainly composed of epoxy resin, which will cure to a stable state after being irradiated by ultraviolet light (uv). This product has a high brightness, does not fade, high wear resistance, rapid drying, etc., based on the significant reduction in the skin irritation and allergies; improve the wetness of the printing ink; glazing layer is more flexible.


two. General properties:

  Appearance: light brown transparent liquid

  Viscosity: 170±40CPS/25°C

  Drying speed: 80W/CM high pressure mercury lamp, about 25M/lamp

  Storage period: room temperature, container unopened, storage period of six months


three. Instructions:


  • This product can not be used directly at room temperature, the oil tank should be kept to 60 °C ± 5 °C, otherwise the viscosity is too high, the oil is not flat, even oil difficult.

  • Domestic machines, oil tanks without insulation, can be diluted with alcohol or isopropanol. Dilution ratio: 1:0.1-0.5. However, the effect of glazing is affected.

  • The tires can be cleaned with toluene, ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol, etc. during shutdown.

  • The amount of oil depends on the paper, generally 5-8g/m2 (dry).


four. Precautions:


  • Excessive or uneven dry powder reduces brightness.

  • Some inks will repel UV oil, causing poor oil or poor adhesion. This condition can be improved by using uv special primer.

  • UV Varnish will cause some inks to discolor. Please choose inks that are not sensitive to UV Varnish (shall be resistant to ammonia and alcohol).

  • After the oil is applied, it must be completely dried. Otherwise, it will cause many after-effects such as fade, discoloration, yellowing, non-abrasiveness, sticking and so on.

  • After UV coating, the stickiness is poor. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the choice of paste and the pasting operation (bristling, needle hole, or blanking) to ensure the quality.

  • Regularly inspect the UV lamp, clean the spatula and the steel wheel to ensure that it is scraped, otherwise it will stick to the back of the paper after the oil has accumulated.

  • UV oil should avoid light and heat to prevent hardening deterioration.

  • No poison and no irritation after drying, but if it touches the skin, it should be washed with alkaline soap more than three times. The stain on the clothes should also be replaced to prevent burns caused by skin contact.

  • Workplaces must have good ventilation.

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