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Water-based plastic oil 20KG white plastic bucket

Water-based plastic oils are high-gloss water-based glazing oils with high blister properties on the surface of PET, PVC film and printing paper.

one. product description:


  Water-based plastic oils are high-gloss water-based glazing oils with high blister properties on the surface of PET, PVC film and printing paper.


  Main features: The product has the advantages of non-toxicity, pollution-free, high gloss, strong hot tack, fast drying speed and so on. Mainly used in high-grade plastic products.




two. General properties:


  Appearance: Yellowish emulsion


  Viscosity: 150±20m pa.s/25°C


  Solid content: 40±2%


  PH: 8.4 - 8.7


  Storage period: room temperature (greater than 5°C), container unopened, storage period six months




three. Instructions:


  • This product has been adjusted to viscosity and can be used directly without dilution with water.


  • The amount of oil depends on the paper, usually 8 - 10g/m2 (dry weight).


  • Machine cleaning: The rubber roller can be cleaned with clean water before dry, and the roller needs to be cleaned with alcohol or isopropyl alcohol after being dried.


  • When using water-based plastic oil, some inks may be discolored. The ink must be resistant to ammonia and alcohol. Please confirm by experiment.


  • Please put the paper upright for a period of time after it is glazing. It should not be too high when stacked to prevent sticking.


  • It is recommended that the heating time be 1.8 - 2.5 seconds and the holding time be 1.8 - 2.5 seconds. The customer must be tested before mass production to prevent large batch operations from failing.




four. Precautions:


  • Stir thoroughly before use.


  • Hot air drying is required.


  • It is recommended to use alkali-resistant, alcohol-resistant inks.


  • Do not freeze during storage.

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