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Waterborne Varnish 50KG White Plastic Barrel (1)

This product is based on denatured acrylic resin as the main bottle of water-based glazing (calendered) oil, it is a non-toxic, pollution-free.
one. product description:
  This product is based on denatured acrylic resin as the main bottle of water-based glazing (calendered) oil, it is a non-toxic, pollution-free, in line with environmental protection and resource recovery requirements of new high-quality water-based varnishes, different models have high brightness , high wear resistance, fast drying, heat and water resistance and other special features.
two. General properties:
  Appearance: Yellowish emulsion
  Viscosity: 160±20CPS/25°C
  Solid content: 38-45%
  Gloss: 55-90°.
Three. Usage:
  • Stir well before use and tightly store after use to prevent the adhesive surface from drying and contaminating.
  • According to the polishing machine and climate plus appropriate amount of thinner (water) to avoid loss of gloss, to ensure wear resistance.
  • The amount of oil depends on the quality of the paper. Generally, the polishing machine uses 2-5 g/m2, and the machine is 3-6 g/m2.
four. Precautions:
  • Varnishes use some inks for discoloration. The inks must be resistant to ammonia and alcohol, and they must be confirmed by experiments first.
  • The amount of oil should be based on the principle of satisfying the paper surface. Excessive dilution will affect the wettability, gloss, abrasion resistance, and hiding degree. On the other hand, if the dilution is not sufficient, the coating will be too thick and the leveling property will be poor.
  • Water-based polishing paper products need to be corrugated and corrugated. It should be noted that corrugated pulp should not be too thin, and water should not be too much. After tamping the corrugated board, it should be placed overnight, dried, and then stacked. In order to avoid the infiltration of alkaline corrugated pulp into the printing surface, the printing surface of the paper product sticks to each other, causing unnecessary losses. When paper products made of water-based turbid coating are used for pasting, it is also necessary to prevent the amount of paste glue from being used excessively or the moisture from oozing out, resulting in sticking of the pasted parts to each other after lamination and causing loss.
  • Sealed at room temperature in a dark, dry, cool place.
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