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Waterborne Polishing 50KG White Plastic Bucket

This product is based on denatured acrylic resin as the main body of new water-based pressure-varnish.
I. Product Overview:
This product is based on denatured acrylic resin as the main body of new water-based pressure-varnish. It is a new type of high-quality water-based calendering oil that is non-toxic and pollution-free and meets the requirements of environmental protection and resource recovery.
Has the following characteristics: 1, good brightness, texture, visual soft, durable and not fade.
2, scratch resistant, there is a certain degree of heat and water resistance.
3. Good operability, strong wettability when glazing, high transfer rate, fast drying speed, good stripping performance when calendering, and wide calendering adaptable temperature.
4, after the road processing adaptability.
5, non-toxic, no organic solvents, in line with environmental requirements.
6. It is suitable for on-line or off-machine coating of various types of coating machines and calendering of various types of calenders.
II. General properties:
Appearance: light beige emulsion
Solid content: 38-45%
Viscosity: 150±20mpa.s / 25°C
PH value: 8.1 - 8.5
Storage period: room temperature (greater than 5°C), container unopened, storage period six months
III. How to use:
This product is moderate in viscosity, if the need for the machine can add 5-20% of water, stir, and then on the machine coating.
Recommended calendering conditions: calendering temperature 100-110°C; calendering pressure: 150-180kg/cm2.
Machine cleaning: The rubber roller can be cleaned with clean water before it is dry.
Four. Note:
Before use, be sure to stir it with a stirring bar before applying on the machine.
After the coating is dry, please perform calendering within 12 hours.
The use of calendering will cause some inks to discolor. The required amount of oil must be resistant to ammonia and alcohol, and be confirmed by experiments first.
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