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Waterborne adhesive 20KG blue plastic bucket

This product is widely used in the compounding of various paper and BOPP film, and it has the advantages of environmental protection, economy.
one. product description:
  This product is widely used in the compounding of various paper and BOPP film, and it has the advantages of environmental protection, economy, high temperature resistance, non-flammability, etc. It is mainly used in various high-grade products. Or higher quality products require film.
Two. Usage:
  • The laminator should be completely cleaned before use. Replace the copper scraper with a silicone tape.
  • Raise the laminator hot roller temperature to 50-90°C and the drying tunnel temperature to 60-90°C.
  • Pour the overwrap into the plastic tank, turn on the glue and mix it, and then it will be filmed. No solvent is needed for mixing.
  • If the BOPP film coated with compounded white paper comes out of the tunnel, the adhesive does not need to be completely dried, so that it cannot be extruded from both sides of the film by nip rolling: if the composite gold or silver cardboard Or products printed with gold and silver ink must be completely dry.
  • Laminated products can be cut directly and the peel strength can reach the highest value after 24 hours.
  • The speed of the machine, the temperature of the drying tunnel, the heat roller, and the amount of glue applied should be flexibly controlled by the user according to the equipment, the type of product being compounded, and the actual situation.
Three. Note:
  • Do not mix with other types of adhesives.
  • Clean the applicator roller with water when shutting down.
  • It is recommended to confirm the color retention and bonding strength of the gold and silver ink surface before processing.
  • The film used must be corona qualified.
  • If the composite product is processed to the next situation or afterwards, it must first be tested and then confirmed for mass production.
  • The temperature of the storage environment must not be lower than 4°C, and it should be stored in a sealed place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. In winter, due to the low ambient temperature, the composite product before drying should be kept at a low temperature for a long time.
  • The product is safe and non-hazardous, but it cannot be eaten and is in direct contact with the skin or eyes. If you accidentally contaminate the adhesive, rinse it immediately with clean water.
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