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UV base oil 20KG white plastic bucket

This product is an aqueous UV base oil with acrylate as the main component.
one. product description:
  This product is an aqueous UV base oil with acrylate as the main component. This product is widely used in the base of UV Varnish. It has very good and excellent sealing effect on the surface of printed products. This product has the advantages of improving the adhesion of UV varnish, reducing the amount of UV varnish oil, improving the flatness and brightness of UV varnish, non-toxic and pollution-free.
two. General properties:
  Appearance: Milky white liquid
  Viscosity: (coating 4 cups/25°C) 30-60 seconds
  Solid content: 40-44%
Store at room temperature (5-35°C) in a sealed place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight
three. Instructions:
  • According to the polishing machine and climate plus appropriate amount of thinner (water), in order to achieve a good bottoming effect
  • Stir well before use and tightly store after use to prevent contamination
  • Use with UV Varnish
four. Precautions:
  • Polishing will cause some inks to discolor. The ink must be resistant to ammonia and alcohol, and be confirmed by experiments first.
  • Put a small amount of time after polishing to ensure that it is completely dry before applying UV varnish.
  • Workplaces must have good ventilation.
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