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Kunshan Yongtai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. regards the professional team full of creativity, full of self-discipline and professionalism as the greatest wealth of the company, and regards “respecting people, trusting people, and shaping people” as the business talent management concept, so as to retain people and educate people.


The success of the company is the result of the team's overall cooperation. Talent construction is the foundation of the company's development. Only the continuous improvement of the overall quality of the team can nourish the company and make it grow.


Establishing a fair mechanism within a company can achieve respect for people. Yongtai's prevailing “democratic” style reflects the collective opinions and wisdom in the formulation of systems for personnel appointment and remuneration, compensation and benefits, and employees’ rewards and penalties, as well as major decisions and adjustments. In terms of management, we advocate “self-management”. Each function and business department takes the core indicators as guidelines, conducts work autonomously, and realizes self-evaluation and self-summarization through the monthly debriefing sessions. The company embodies the employment method of “maximizing the advantages and minimizing the disadvantages” in terms of personnel appointments. With the help of regular new employee return visits, various group activities, internal project operations, etc., a learning platform is established to create communication channels.


Trust is the foundation of corporate cohesiveness construction. Kunshan Yongtai conducts norms through the tangible system, establishes the benchmarks of trust barriers and obligations, and also makes use of intangible culture to make it spiritual, creating a harmonious working environment for business people.


We will uphold the business philosophy of “respecting people, trusting people, and shaping people” and will continue to forge ahead and create brilliant achievements.