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"Quality first, excellence, integrity-based, customer first"
The determination of the political core position of party organizations is the fundamental guarantee for the development of private enterprises.
Giving full play to the role of party organizations is the key to making private enterprises bigger and stronger.
Making every effort to support the work of the party organizations is a wise choice for private enterprise leaders.
Motivate people with policies, manage with systems, and create people with culture.
The ideological and political work is ordinary and great. It is great to resolve every voice. Every career makes you feel loved.
The corporate culture is very simple. It is to unite the hearts of people through different forms. This is the highest level of corporate culture.
Entrepreneurial spirit
Hard work, pragmatic hard work, absorbing innovation, tenacious struggle
development strategy
Solid foundation for the printing industry, relying on advances in science and technology to promote industrial upgrading, diversified expansion in the chemical industry, and promote national cross-regional operations and "going out" strategy, production, education, research and development, making Wing Tai Fine Chemicals a banner of the non-public economy.
Develop strategic thinking
Emphasis on the scientific nature of industrial selection and business strategy, talent strategy, and capital operation strategy;
Value the direction and speed of value innovation;
Pay attention to the interrelatedness of diversified industries and the effective allocation and operation of resources and funds;
While the rapid development of Kunshan Yongtai Group, it vigorously promoted the construction of corporate culture. The enterprise management ideas and cultural concepts advocated by Mr. Chen Detong, the founder of the company, have penetrated into all levels of enterprise management. After multi-cultural conduction and refinement, Yongtai has formed a unique corporate culture system, and gradually evolved into a habit that is accustomed to. The unprepared entrepreneurial spirit and psychological state formed by the group guided the organizational transformation, business management and strategic implementation of the company, and thus guided Yongtai employees in their efforts for corporate development and social progress.