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Founded in 1993 and 1994 respectively, Shanghai Yongtai Printing Materials Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Yongtai Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. were the first manufacturers in China to produce surface treatment agents. They witnessed the rapid development of the printing industry in China for over 20 years. , Thanks to the support of our customers and Yongtai people's dedication, Yongpian has always dominated the development trend of the industry, constantly launching products that meet the market demand, the scale continues to develop, the market awareness continues to be reluctant, and the products basically cover most of the printing processes. The products have been applied in the middle and high-end packaging and printing industries such as cigarette packs, wine bags, foods, medicine packages, and cosmetics. The sales have covered most of the country's regions and Southeast Asia, Russia, the Middle East and other international markets. It is the most abundant products in the industry. The most comprehensive variety of companies.