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Working place:
Jiangsu Province-Suzhou City-Kunshan City
Affiliate department:
Business Unit
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
3-5 years
Education background:
Junior high school
Release time:
2018/05/10 11:29
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1. Responsible for customers' collection, development and maintenance in the region.

2, require strong communication skills, negotiation skills, adaptability, hard work.

3, have high enthusiasm for sales work;

4. With keen market insight, strong sense of dedication, sense of responsibility, and positive working attitude, it is preferred to have experience working in the printing industry or after booting.

5, suitable for business trips, a driver's license.

6, salary negotiable (basic salary 3K plus commission).

Contact: Ms. Hao

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Address: No. 635, Kunjia Road, Development Zone, Kunshan City